In addition to general household glazing, Atlas Glass offers customised products and systems for a variety of residential applications.

Thermal Glass - Comprising Low E glass and laminates. These special glass types with a low emissivity coating have excellent solar control and thermal properties approaching those of double glazing.

- Comprising two layers of glass sealed together in an insulated glass unit with an air space between provide the best thermal insulation in glazing.

Acoustic Glass – Various grades of specially manufactured acoustic grade laminated glass with a limpid acoustic resin interlayer are stocked. Full on-site consultation is provided to ensure the best solution to noise problems is identified.

Mirrors – a complete range of made to measure or standard size quality mirrors (bathroom, safety, beveled, security and one-way) together with a unique designer range of mirror mounts or a selection of traditional mounting systems.

Showers – frameless glass showers; both individually designed and standard sizes are available. A stylish and elegant effect is achieved by the use of toughened safety glass together with hinges and handles which are available in a range of finishes to match the clients decor. This can be further enhanced by the use of fused-on colour safety glass panels as an alternative to tiled walls. Virtually any colour is available and a truly “individual look” is the result.

Balustrades – Frameless glass balustrades custom
designed to provide elegant and functional safety glazing for your home.

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